Hollis Mahady is an American recording artist, musician, entertainer, singer, songwriter, activist and published author. She has been quoted to be “ a force of nature -both onstage and off”. Born in Scranton Pennsylvania, Hollis started playing piano and singing at the age of 7. After leaving home she studied at a state university where she began singing in cover bands on the weekends to earn extra money. With warm receptions from crowds she soon realized she had stumbled upon the form of entertainment that she would excel at the most–entertaining crowds. Always having a natural desire to perform, be on stage, entertain ,sing and make people laugh her passion led her to cities like New York, Los Angeles , London and Tokyo.


It was while traveling the path of music that Hollis truly began to discover what was important and meaningful to her. While she had an innate ability to entertain crowds, play and sing, she began to realize that just a mere desire to sing and play would not be enough to make any kind of impact or sustainability in the ever changing fickle music industry . While watching so many of her peers come and go after unsuccessful attempts at “making it”, she quickly decided the only way for true fulfillment and the desire to stay in the music business was to combine her own messages of importance and urgency with her musical abilities.

In 2014 Hollis started her band Love Zombies after teaming up with guitarist and songwriter Davey Fitzsimon while living abroad in London. It was through Love Zombies that she really felt all her years of work towards her own self discovery and purpose starting to come together which led her to develop her unique brand “Love Zombies”. Love Zombies combine elements of everything Hollis feels is important to her including music, art, truth, love, peace, connection, playfulness, passion, knowledge, wisdom, self improvement and growth.


Hollis states that “Love Zombies is not just the name of my band...it is a lifestyle choice. Choosing to live as a Love Zombie is “waking up” and choosing to try to live consciously on a daily basis from a place of empathy, compassion and respect for yourself and others. It’s not about one person trying to

change the whole world..it’s just about one person choosing a positive action over a negative one which causes a ripple effect of good vibes. In a world that has has seen war and violence for thousands of years it’s about realizing our real war is in our minds and that is where the solution lies.


It’s about shifting from the “Me" to “We” mindset and helping each other and treating others as how we would want to be treated..as if we were all one."

Hollis contributes her awareness and desire to grow spiritually and become a better person to her life experiences where she experienced depression, darkness, isolation and separation. I think being in a business that is in many ways driven by egoic desires like possession, fame, fortune , power, status

and over indulgence of drugs and alcohol.. I really learned what I didn’t want to be and what wasn’t important to me. Through the process of elimination I started to become closer to the person I wanted to be and had an even stronger desire to make changes for the better.”


In 2015 Hollis wrote a music manifesto called The Reconnection Movement that was published in David Chatfield’s book Cracking the Code to Happiness. She also contributed to the book Sheetmusic: The Diary of a Songwriter, written by Devine Evans, that speaks out about the injustices that women face in the Music Industry. In March 2016 Hollis raised enough money through the UK based fan funded company Pledge Music to record her band Love Zombies debut album ,

Passionfruit, with producer Alain Johannes (Queens of Stone Age, Sound Garden ,Arctic Monkeys, PJ Harvey, Eagles of Death Metal). Love Zombies shortly after released a cover version of the Fifth Dimension’s hit Age of Aquarius a song Hollis chose because of it’s relevance to the astrological time the world is in.

Hollis currently lives in Los Angeles where she continues to focus on her band Love Zombies and is currently working on launching a Love zombies merchandise line that includes hand made clothing and other items with coined phrases by Hollis like "Kill Ego” “Depression won’t win” “Protect your Vibe” and “Love Zombies”. Hollis travels to the UK for tours and continues to do shows with her band Love Zombies.

About the Author

email: Hollis.mahady@gmail.com